State, local and educational organizations have to contend with increasingly complex challenges, utilize new technology to meet those challenges and do so with austere budgets and limited resources. Avtech works with our state, local and education clients to streamline technology adoption, use and management.


Cloud technology plays an integral role in the future of IT. Organizations are seeking out the best methods to move legacy technologies into the cloud, often requiring a multi-cloud approach.

  • Avtech Target - Avtech Reference Architecture solution powers this hybrid approach offering a quick and easy route to cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms.
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online piping course

Remote work, dispersed teams and 24*7 connectivity are the new norm in the workplace. Users now expect a consumer-like experience when using business applications. Avtech collaboration experts partner with you to leverage existing investments in hardware, IT infrastructure and software to meet these demands. Our modern collaboration solutions include audio and video conferencing, collaboration applications, and in-room AV systems, all which are designed to be quickly adopted by end users while lightening the burden on IT.

Distance Learning  

When education providers need to conduct virtual classes and expand distance learning capabilities, Avtech Technologies is here to keep your classrooms connected, so learning doesn't have to stop:

  • Basic WebEx Training for Instructors
  • Basic training for Students
  • Technical troubleshooting during implementation
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online piping course
Cyber Security 

It's not if, but when you'll be breached. Avtech security experts inspect your infrastructure as a whole to help design security solutions to support how your employees access and use data. We design solutions to achieve resiliency by minimizing risk and maximizing technology investments.

Mobility + End User Devices  

Today's mobile mindset is transforming business processes and requires strategic planning to integrate the right components to fit your specific environment and needs. Avtech works with you to meet this mobile demand securely and efficiently.

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online piping course

Networking - Your network is the backbone of your IT system. Yet, it may be the oldest part of your infrastructure. We can help design, optimize and secure network technology and investments.

Physical Security  

Controlling and understanding who accesses public buildings is critical to both physical and cyber security. Avtech audio visual capabilities encompass camera installation, networking, and IoT integration for access control and smart building/city initiatives.

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