Avtech is considered a reliable and creative partner for clients, who value our commitment to excellence and strive to exceed expectations. Our open culture focuses on teamwork, integrity and transparency. We don't have fixed ideologies and expect you to fit into the system. We encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. We promote a culture of individual and professional growth with an environment of continuous learning. Through social and technical forums we give you ample opportunity to explore avenues of growth in all aspects of your tenure at Avtech .
At Avtech, we focus on finding projects in our own backyard meaning that our consultants can find the work life balance they want. Beyond this, we enable our team to use their creativity, aptitude, and innovation to find the right solutions to our clients needs, leaving the bureaucracy and rule book behind. If you’re looking for a consulting organization that will support your personal, family, and long-term career goals keep reading.

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Who we are

AVTECH SOLUTIONS is a collection of technology experts, headquartered in downtown Indianapolis. With a background in enterprise-level IT support and management, as well as the ever-evolving realm of web development and digital marketing, we understand the intricacies of the digital multiverse. Our talented and diverse teams, are primed to be your premier, full-service technology providers.


What we do

Our products and services are multifaceted. Hardware, software, network management, web development, design, and marketing are all within our wheelhouse. We solve problems, manage your technology with 24/7/365 support, and build out and manage the digital side of your business.


Our Team

We believe in the power of technology. We believe in creativity, teamwork, dedication, and constant learning. Yes, every company says that…but we live it. Here at AVTECH, Technology is constantly changing, and we push ourselves and each other to thrive at the forefront of innovation.


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