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Richardson, Dallas, Texas

Duration - Contract         Experience - 8 to 10 Years

Job Description -

Technology Summary: Multi-Cloud Networking/ Lab Engineer

Multi-Cloud Networking is the use of multiple public cloud service providers (CSPs) with a single archenteric and the use of automation. The goal is for the customer to have a simplified dashboard to manage networking, security, and service chain applications together across the CSPs. Multi-cloud provides the customers a transformative method to move their privately hosted applications to the public cloud.

Lab Engineer will need to be able to work with the team to rack and stack gear, deploy virtual applications in our private cloud (VMware), and provide configuration for end-to-end connectivity. Skills in the areas of networking, storage, compute, orchestration, virtualization.  Lastly, strong troubleshooting skills to isolate and identify the networking issues that are creating roadblocks for product development.

Position Summary

The Multi-Cloud/Lab Engineer will work as part of the larger Verizon Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Cary, NC.  The team is responsible for product architecture and engineering.  To achieve our objectives, we regularly assess new vendors and products, create proof of concept designs and testing for future product offerings, and contribute extensively to toward the overall product development pipeline and lifecycle. 

As a member of this team, we will be relying heavily on you adapt and learn new products and vendors that we identify for our Multi-Cloud offering.  Additionally, you will need to work in the lab in Cary to help maintain lab gear for product testing.  You should be skilled in writing test cases, working together with vendors to develop the solution, and provide a detailed write up outcome along with design guide.  Strong verbal skills to communicate across internal/external teams.

Key skills -

 A qualified candidate will exhibit significant experience across the following areas:

  • Demonstrate strong networking skills from Layer 1- 3 (BGP, IP)
  • Experience working in a lab environment and following best practices and procedures for racking/stacking, cabling, and onboarding devices.
  • Demonstrated experience in APIs, Terraform, automation scripting
  • In-depth market knowledge of Verizon’s Cloud Partners such as AWS, Azure, etc., as well as Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud deployments and intricacies
  • Experience in automating virtualized compute environments utilizing VMware, Containers, etc.
  • Development experience with cloud platforms, and orchestration
  • Experience with markup languages such as YAML/JSON
  • Familiarity with network device configuration
  • Experience with Agile methodologies
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams
  • Proven ability to shape transformation strategies and drive innovative thinking.

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