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Duration - Contract         Experience - 6 to 8 Years

Job Description -

Network Architect/Network Product Manager, to help manage the evolution of managed network, security, and multi-cloud services by creating a data and insight centric, business outcome focused ecosystem based on sound network and security architectural principles. These services will be harnessing the broader VBG product portfolio including platforms to create a new class of cloud centric management tools. These technologies will enable companies, big and small, to redefine their operational environment through real-time automation, coupled with a managed service suite.

As a Network Architect, with more than solid data processing and data manipulation skills, you will be a critical part of the Organization Business Group organization that owns the strategy, architecture and analytics components, which will provide consultancy on customer business outcomes, and will deliver data driven analysis for a new generation of impactful new products. You will work across product, planning, engineering and data science teams, business development, and marketing to identify the areas of success. By formulating requirements for multi-cloud architectures, and next generation managed network services (next gen MNS), your area of responsibility will be to deliver requirements for a multi-cloud centric, adaptive data insight model, which will help to deliver the managed insights require for a superior customer experience. You will describe data sources, data collection and data collection avoidance strategies, standardization requirements, processing strategies and proposals for visualization.

  • Apply your knowledge of Public and Private Enterprise/ISP networks, cloud and security and establish a plan of action and forward-looking strategy for enhancing next-gen MNS services through the additions of data centric insight services.
  • Problem statement and outcome formulation within the specified managed network services eco-system. Prepared to fine-tune and adjust strategy at any point in time.
  • Identification of data from diverse sources in a heterogenous network/security cloud environment.
  • (Manual) pre-analysis and evaluation of data, cleansing and pre-processing.
  • Evaluate industry innovations and data science platforms and identify product partnership and collaboration opportunities to accelerate and or address gaps in the analytics toolset.
  • Extend your domain knowledge of managed network and security services by expanding good design and product practices to superior data centric managed insights.
  • Establish a scalable and adaptive data centric lifecycle model within the described context.
  • Author collateral, FAQs, white papers, and presentations that can be leveraged across organization, external partners, and customers, and provide general guidance and recommendations on the results of your work.

Key skills -

  • Bachelor’s degree or 6 or more years of work experience in a heterogenous Network/Security/Cloud Enterprise, vendor or ISP environment.
  • Ability to work to completion without direction.
  • Technical work experience in managed network, security, and multi-cloud services environment (domain knowledge).
  • Excellent data collection, manipulation, processing and visualization skills, manual or in automated environments.
  • Communication and presentation skills to manage the large degree of external interaction with organization Executives, and partners the role needs.

 Even better if you have:

  • Knowledge of business objectives and strategic business development in a heterogenous communication or IT services environment.
  • Data Science, AI/ML certifications and work experience.
  • Ability in delivering quickly and collaboratively.
  • Ability to take ownership and is accountable for quality of all deliverables.
  • Ability to lead/supervise multiple projects, also performs project management activities such as planning, sizing, configuration, resources and scheduling.
  • Ability to conceptualize and develop resolutions to complex market challenges and customer use cases that require the use of creativity.
  • Ability to make decisions that impact projects and staff members.
  • Knowledge of products and technologies across organization and how they may strategically align with projects.

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